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Elizabeth Patton 1700


Source: ID: 1156
Ancestors of Robert Palmer Rhoads (decsendents)
Source: the Clarks of Otter Creek and Related Families
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Ancestors of Robert Palmer Rhoads

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Jack/Jacks/Jacques & J. V. Thompson Journals
Elizabeth Patton emigrated to America in 1738. She met her husband, John Preston, while crossing the River Shannon in his boat. John was a ship's carpenter and was said to be very handsome. Elizabeth felonged to the "upper class" and a ship's carpenter was below her station, so her family opposed the marriage. Nevertheless, the couple eloped and married in spite the objections of her parents
After their arrival in America, Elizabeth & John Preston lived at the home of Colonel James Patton on his Spring Hill estate near the present town of Staunton, VA.

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Bigg-Forsythe-Fritts-Hicks_McRorey-Rabenau-Westenberger-Williams & Many more.
Note; item found on Page stating "that Elizabeth died at Greenfield in Botetourt. This Strong-willed woman born in Northern Ireland on Christmas day 1700

Source: from above families
1, Abbrev: William Preston & the Alleghney Patriots
Title: Biography of William Preston -1729
Author: Patricia Givens Johnson
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Page: Date and place found in the first six chapters

The Stockton Project Ancestry

The Roseberry-Keister Family Tree
ID: I7112
Reference Number: 7112
Name: Elizabeth Patton 1 (Twin)
Name: Preston 2 3
Sex: F
Change Date: 19 SEP 2000
Immigration: ABT 1730
Note: From Ireland to America with brothers John and James Patton 4 5
Birth: 25 DEC 1700 in Newton-Limavady, Derry (now Londonderry),, Ireland 5
Death: 25 DEC 1776 in Greenfield, Botetourt Co., Virginia 2
Note: 6
Elizabeth Patton was a sister of Col. James Patton of Donnegal and emigrated with him to Virginia in 1740. Col. Patton obtained an order of council from the Governor of Virgina, under which he appropriated to himself and
associates, 120,000 acres of the best lands lying above the Blue Ridge, in that state, several valuable tracts of which fell to his descendants, He was killed by th Indians at Smithfield in 1753.

Father: Henry Patton b: 1660 in Caiggo, Dundee, Scotland
Mother: Sarah Lynn b: 1664 in Kilmacrenan, Scotland

Marriage 1 John Preston b: 1687 in Newton, Timivady, Donegal, Ireland
Married: 1716 3
Letitia Preston b: 1728 in Ireland
William Preston b: 25 DEC 1729 in Newton, Limavaddy,, Ireland
Margaret Preston b: ABT 1730 in Ireland
Ann Preston b: 1739 in Ireland
Mary Preston b: 1740 in America

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