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Gottfried Bohnert





The information that is on

this site was gathered from

what little I know and some

was information that was found

on the Internet. The most exciting

information came from a researcher

that I hired in Germany. He has furnished

me with lots of information on my

GG Grandfather Anton Bohnert.

There is more research to be done on

the Bohnert's and I will continue it as

I am able.


If you find any errors or have

any additional information, please

do not hesitate to let me know it

would be greatly appreciated.


The Link below will take you

to my Bohnert Genealogy Report.


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Anton Bohnert's Birth Record

Anton Bohnert's Ship List

Bohnert Pictures


Following you will find different

links to things that I have found

on the Internet about the Bohnert's.

I hope that you can find something

that will help you in your research

either in my Genealogy Report

or at one of the following links.


Please keep in mind that

the following is all that I have

been able to find to this point.

As I find more I will add it.


Baden Germany Emmigration Index 1866-1911


Bohnert Immigrant Ship1


Bohnert 1870 Kendall County Census


Bohnert 1910 Kerr County Census


Bohnert 1920 Kerr County Census


Bohnert Comfort Cemetery Records


Bohnert Marriages


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